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Spare parts for Dishwasher

spare parts for home appliances-dishwashers


in this category we have spare parts for dishwashers from all manufacturers, if you do not have a replacement part under this category so please write us an email and we'll post the part you need. The most part of dishwashers that wont break is available for immediate delivery, such as Basket wheels, tableware trays, drain hose and filters that we have great prices on. Is usually the delivery time 1-2 days if the spare is at home in our warehouse, green stock status. At Red stock status, it takes a bit longer when we order direct from our supplier.

Spare parts for Dryer

we have spare parts from well known manufacturers of Whirlpool dryer Bosch Siemens, LG electronics also     Asko Cylinda and Electrolux has models that still produced in Sweden. Straps from Megadyne Optibelt Hutchinson Dayco and others.   many wonder why the drive belt on a   dryer goes by and why a dryer completely tongue will be stone dead though the power is on and the lights on the Panel, it and a few more things that can happen when you really don't have the time and the laundry basket is overflowing.

Spare parts for Stove

Spare parts for Stove fan

Kitchen fans need new filters to work and this is where you can find them. There is a wide range from range hood manufacturers including Franke (old Futurum) electrolux, Bosch and others. Many of the stove caps made Franke on license, so it can stand Cylinda AEG or their old name the future tense, which was their first company name, which survives and that many still call the factory in Byske.

Spare parts for Washing machine